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Geochemical Assessments Pty Ltd owns and operates the following equipment:

- Purpose built, commercially-registered 5 m sampling vessel;

-Lightweight commercially-registered 4.0 m aluminium punt
- Heavy duty (3 phase 415 V) vibrocorer (Rossfelder P3);
- Medium weight (24 V DC) vibrocorer;
- Portable, lightweight, custom-fabricated mechanical vibrocorer;
- Manually-driven push corers;
- Custom-fabricated, piston/percussion coring devices;
- Small, gravity corers with piston attachments;
- Sediment grabs (e.g. Ekman TM and Ponar TM );
- Custom-fabricated sediment traps;
- Water sampling devices to collect water at various depths below surface; and
- Workshop facilities for custom fabrication and maintenance of equipment and sampling devices.

Equipment: About Me
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