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Insurance Cover

Geochemical Assessments Pty Ltd holds insurance cover to comply with client requirements,including:

- Professional Indemnity ($2M, $4M in aggregate);
- Workers Compensation ($10M);
- Public Liability ($20M); and
 - Appropriate vehicle and vessel insurances.
Client testimonials and references, and details of previous projects are available upon request.

Field and laboratory assessments are undertaken in accordance with relevant Australian Standards and guidance documents e.g. ANZECC/AMCANZ (2000), National Assessment Guidelines for Dredging (Commonwealth of Australia, 2009) and the Handbook for Sediment Quality Assessment (Simpson et al., 2005). Rigorous procedures are adopted to prevent cross contamination of samples and to assess accuracy (e.g. in-house laboratory standards for trace metals) and precision of internal and external laboratory analyses.

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